Office building for the UNED in Madrid


Obispo Trejo 4
Ciudad Universitaria
Floor area:
Universidad Nacional de Educacion a Distancia (UNED)
Partner Architects:
Eugenio Aguinaga
Iñigo Eulate
Ignacio Lopez
José Maria Jiménez


Javier Valladares
Fernando Valladares
Quantity Surveyor
Manuel Lopez Lara
Design Project:


The building is placed on the site with its longitudinal axis in a roughly north-south alignment, and with the ground floor level set at the ground level of Obispo Trejo Street in the point corresponding to the center of the façade. The building is split into two clearly differentiated elements: an elongated practically blank-walled 4.20 m. wide module facing east which houses the service spaces -stairways, freight elevator, elevators, toilets and service shafts-, and a 13.20 m. x 67.20 m module facing west which houses the usable space for offices, laboratories, meeting rooms, academic spaces, etc.

The building has 4 above ground floors, with a floor-to-floor height of 4.50 m. The basements are composed of a volume situated beneath the building and another elongated volume that extends below ground in the rest of the lot towards the south. Below ground, in addition to the 176-car parking garage, the rooms for the building services and those for the laboratories are located.

The building is placed on the site slightly outwards towards Obispo Trejo Street from behind the existing building of the Faculties of Law and Sociology. In this way, people approaching the building from Obispo Trejo Street on foot or by car can see it from a certain distance. We considered this important because it not only has functional advantages but also confers an urban presence to the building that helps to enhance its institutional image.

The glass enclosure of the main module will be built with a first skin of insulated glass. The main west-facing façade will have a second skin of wavy, silk-screened, laminated glass that will function as a solar screen and give the building its characteristic image. It thus becomes a kind of huge curtain that acts as a backdrop to the existing Faculty, reflecting it calmly and giving the set of buildings a certain dynamism for the viewer.

The structure of the building will be reinforced concrete with spans of 4 m in the services block and white concrete in its façades, and reinforced concrete with spans of 12 m x 6 m in the large pillarless hall for the rooms and laboratories.


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