Social Security Office in Sanlucar


Sanlucar la Mayor (Seville)
Floor area:
Social Security Treasury
Partner Architects:
Eugenio Aguinaga
Ignacio Lopez
José Maria Jiménez
Javier Valladares
Fernando Valladares
Quantity Surveyor
Manuel Lopez Lara
Design Project:

On the nearly triangular site, the building is placed against the west partition wall aligning it with the streets and setting it back from the eastern end to free a small public space in the intersection of the two streets like an entrance esplanade, creating a small pedestrian square which includes a pond lit at night, an orange tree and some benches. The result of the above is a building with a trapezoidal shape structured into two intersecting volumes of different heights of only two floors on each of the streets.

Public access to the building is on the eastern end on the northern side, tangential to the main axis of the building. There are situated in linear order a porch, a wind screen, a security checkpoint and the reception and information desk. All with natural light, views of the street and views of the interior of the offices. The vertical service shaft and circulation core is situated against the partition wall on the north façade. The rest of the ground floor has an open plan except for the two offices for directors and some meeting rooms. The landscape office space on the upper floor also looks partially onto the south façade and occupies part of the northern part of the floor not used by the vertical service cores.

Special mention should be given to the system of skylights used on the ground and upper floor. Because of the depth of the building owing to the characteristics of the site, we also used the roofs to introduce natural light in the building. All these skylights were made with Kalwall panels, a translucent material of high thermal resistance

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