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Golf La Moraleja Club House in Algete (Madrid)


Soto de Mozanaque
Algete (Madrid)
Floor Area:
Golf La Moraleja
Eugenio Aguinaga
Iñigo Eulate
Borja Lasheras
Diego Aparicio
Structural and Mechanical:
Valladares Ingeniería
Kitchen equipment:
Flores Valles
Design project:
October,14 2011



 The new clubhouse for the Nicklaus designed golf gourse in Madrid, follows a linear scheme facing de greens of the north course and the Guadarrama Mountains, leaving in the back the parking lot and the new highway. The building maintains a low profile , friendly with the original landscape, and will be built in white concrete to armonize with the country houses in the surroundings.

Living areas are in the way to the bar and restaurant in order to achieve a lively atmosphere in this part of the club. The great lounge has direct views over the 18th holes greens of the north and southern courses.

Interiors will be, according with the atmosphere of a clubhouse, not corporate at all, with plenty of wood, panelling, memorabilia of the club´s history, etc. Domestic and cosy furniture, carpets and the like will also contribute to a homely character. A long pool in the veranda helps to humidify the dry Madrid climate in summertime.

A 6.00x6.00 mt. grid provides for an economical stuctural tipology. Sustainable adress in the development of the project will provide for energy savings in the future.


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