City Hall building in Toender (Denmark)


Kongevej, 57
Tønder (Dinamarca)
Floor Area:
3.000 m2
Tønder Kommune
Ayuntamiento de Tønder
Eugenio Aguinaga
Jose María Jiménez Urrutia
Borja Lasheras
Manuel Rodríguez
Miguel Angel Barrera
Quantity Surveyor:
Manuel López Lara
Javier Valladares
Fernando Valladares
Design project:

The project proposes to extend and complement the existing City Hall. We propose a "greenhouse", which stands west of the plot to allow views of the current building and the countryside. The connection with the current building is via a glass bridge that allows to leave untouched the current hall. This proposal enhances and respects the urban landscape of thetown.



The expansion is a shell formed by a lightweight wooden frame and within its volume we place floating slabs supported by concrete columns. This shell is formed by translucent insulating panels formed by a double skin fiberglass containing a translucent airgel with an insulation similar to an opaque wall. On the south side , the façade is made of double low-E glazing semitransparent photovoltaic pannels argon infilled.


This system greatly reduces the cost of electricity consumption and CO2 emissions.

This façade, together with the form factor coefficient of the building, the overall heat transfer factor, geothermal energy use with biomass boilers support, free cooling,VAV system , and abundant natural light, makes this proposal a paradigm of green building and a pleasant place to work.



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